South India

These images were captured over the course of seven weeks in the Indian states of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka as part of the cultural documentary project, Svara, produced by Brooks Institute in 2008. They chronical the street life, religious practices, and social systems of some of the individuals who call South India home. 

Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu

Karthigai Deepam is a religious festival that celebrates the Hindu God, Shiva, who appeared on a hillsde as a great pillar of fire to settle a dispute of ego between the Gods Brahma and Vishnu. To honor this occasion, more than a million pilgrims travel to this site each year to shed their ego and light minature replica lamps in honor of Shiva's fire.

Kumily, Kerala

Deep in the jungles of Kerala, a concrete building houses some of the most promising young conservationists on the planet.  In the first year of the  Wildlife Conservation Society master's degree program, 13 of the 15 graduates had their dissertations published—a feat that had been unprecidented anywhere else in the world.


Madras, Tamil Nadu

A vast history is hiding in the towns and villages that dot the landscape of India. A history frozen in time by photographers who have been long since forgotten.  Many of these images, shot on glass plate negatives, are deteriorating due to age, but one man is making it his life's work to seek out these photographs and save them—even at great cost to himself.

A man from South India holds up a historic sepia-toned landscape photograph.

South India

India is a vibrant culture, full of color, life and character. Enjoy this journey from the sun-soaked Eastern beaches of Chennai, to the deep green jungles of Kerala, and into the streets, temples, theatres, and marketplaces of South India.

South India

Although India is known for it's vibrant colors and loud, bustling street life, but black and white photography has a way of slowing things down. Enjoy these moments in B&W. 

All Images ©Adam P. Herrera

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