2011 Miss Rodeo Wyoming Brittany Richards (right), of Laramie, Wyo., helps to crown incoming 2012 champion Kimberly Kuhn, of Sheridan, Wyo.

Laramie Peak rises in the background as residents of Converse County enjoy a ride across the prairie on Father's Day, 2012. On this day, church-goers arrive just as their forefathers had—by horse, buckboard, or on foot.

Maggie prepares to take flight from her perch on Scott Simpson's arm. Simpson, a resident of Casper, Wyo., is one of only 60 U.S. falconers permitted to hunt with an eagle. All falconers must catch their own birds from the wild and train them.

American hero Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Sean O'Conner, 22, of Douglas, Wyo., was killed June 12, 2011 during a patrol in the Helmand Province region of southwest Afghanistan. Several thousand people from across Wyoming took to the streets to honor his motorcade.

Beside a tattered American flag, 2012 U.S. Senate candidate Thomas Bleming recalls his past. A former Army Pathfinder in Vietnam, Bleming earned numerous military honors, including the Silver Star for his heroism in the line of fire. But despite his decorated military career, his bid for U.S. Senator fell short to incumbent John Barrasso following some questionable posts on social media—including "jew gassin", "blitzkrieg", and “Blitzkrieg", and “Nazi German armed forces”.

Joe Shinmori peers back through history via a glass case battle commendations he earned while fighting in Europe during World War II. For his dedication as a Japanese-American soldier, Shinmori was awarded the Congressional Gold Medal Jan. 16, 2012 at the American Legion in Douglas, WY. The medal is the highest civilian honor that Congress awards.

Over the years Carl Strode has collected hundreds of unique objects, now each of them decorates every square inch of his White Wolf Saloon in Douglas, Wyo.