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Revelar los Enlaces

A Brooks Institute Documentary Project: Chile

The images contained within these galleries were captured over the course of seven weeks in the Chilean cities of Santiago, Valparaíso, Puerto Montt, Cochamó, and spaces in between, as part of the cultural documentary project, Revelar los Enlaces, produced by Brooks Institute in 2009. They chronicle a small sampling of the street life, political practices, and social systems of Chile. 

As the premier date approached, an earthquake measuring 8.8 on the Richter scale occurred off the south-central Chilean coast. The quake was so powerful it sent a 50-foot tsunami to the port city of Constitucíon. Together, the earthquake and tsunami were responsible for more than 500 deaths across Chile. The earthquake in Chile became a focal point for the documentary group. With relief efforts underway, the students at Brooks Institute teamed up with Direct Relief International, a California-based, non-profit organization that provides financial and medical support to those in need. All proceeds resulting in the sale of the book and DVD were donated to help the people of Chile. The students also collected donations and conducted print auctions at the three gallery opening events. 

Revelar los Enlaces premiered at the famous Granada Theatre in Santa Barbara, Calif. on April 8, 2010, and included a photo gallery exhibition hosted at Brooks Institute's Gallery 27 in Santa Barbara.

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Revelar los Enlaces
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Puerto Montt, Llanquihue Province

Threatened by mining and deforestation, a pristine valley is now largely in the hands of a young forester and an ambitious lawyer who are fighting against time to save what could be Chile's next and best national park.


Puerto Varas, Llanquihue Province

Life in the mountains of Chile moves at a slower pace. An unfamiliar pace by much of today's standards. The remoteness of this small family home located on Volcan Calbucco means a dependence on one's self and one's neighbors. This gallery summarizes one summer afternoon when beef was on the menu. This gallery contains graphic images. 

All Images ©Adam P. Herrera

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Sponsors: Olympus; Seagate; Samy's Camera; Blue Microphones; Marriott Ventura Beach Resort; Brooks Institute Gallery 27; Visions Gallery
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