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As Head of Post Production and Producer for iFIT Content, I have had the great pleasure to work on some truly groundbreaking projects, featuring incredible locations on all seven continents. iFIT is reshaping how the world interacts with their media, challenging members to test their own limits, and fosters healthy lifestyles.

The trailers featured below represent a very small fraction of the more than 12,000 episodes, and hundreds of series my post production staff helped to release between 2018 and 2022. Most of these videos were edited by my incredibly talented Trailer Specialist, Daniela Velluto. Enjoy!



Welcome to the spectacular Everest: A Trek To Base Camp Series! This incredible, 18-part series will take you all the way up 17,500+ feet to the world famous Everest Base Camp with iFIT Guides Kenton Cool, Lydia Bradey, and Ang Tshering Lama. 

Edit: Adam Herrera

Zimbabwe Adventure Series

Get ready for another incredible travel journey with iFit Guide Mick Davie in the Zimbabwe Adventure Series! This 6-part docu-adventure series will take you to one of Africa’s most beautiful and enigmatic landscapes, full of incredible wildlife and sweeping vistas.

Edit: Still Life Productions

Couch to 40K Part 1: Arizona 

Welcome to Part 1 of the Couch to 40K Series with iFit Trainer Yuri Hauswald in incredible Arizona! Part 1 of this progressive training plan will work on improving your aerobic fitness through consistency, diverse interval types, nutrition, hydration, and plenty of motivation.

Edit: Daniela Velluto

Slot Canyon Hiking Workout Series

Join iFit Guide Aron Ralston in the beautiful Slot Canyon Adventure Series! Aron, an avid climber and canyoneer, will introduce you to the sport of canyoneering and learn more about the journey Aron had in 2003 when he went canyoneering alone and got his arm trapped beneath an 800-lb boulder. Aron is excited to share his life-changing story and these breathtaking canyons with you, so let’s go canyoneering!

Edit: Daniela Velluto

Road to Recovery Part 2: Mallorca & Menorca | Tommy Rivs

Join iFIT trainer Tommy Rivs as he returns for part 2 of his inspiring Road to Recovery series in Mallorca and Menorca!

Edit: Daniela Velluto

Haunted Savannah

Get ready for more ghosts and ghouls in the Haunted Savannah Series with iFIT Guide Dalen Spratt! This 6-part series will take you to some of Savannah’s spookiest sites all while helping you get in a good workout. 

Edit: Daniela Velluto

Train Like a Pro: George Hincapie Hawaii

Welcome to Train Like a Pro with iFIT Trainer and 19-year professional cyclist George Hincapie! Together, you’ll island hop for a grand tour of beautiful Hawaii, where George raced about 25 years ago and hasn’t been back until now! You’ll climb legendary volcanoes, view incredible lava fields, follow amazing coastlines, and ride the road to Hana.

Edit: Daniela Velluto


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